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Smart Switches vs Traditional Switches

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A once-in-a-generation change to traditional switches is here! This change is called Smart Switches and is transforming the way people live. Let's look at how.

Look, Feel & Touch

iotics smart switches, the new-age version of the traditional switchboard. They have toughened glass panels that make them look elegant, sleek, and far better than the usual switches. Operating these switches is a pleasure, just a light touch will do. Subtle LED backlights make them look good and easy to use even in the dark.

Remote Control

Don't want to move from that comfy couch? We’ve all been there! With the iotics smart switch, just use the remote to turn the lights off or flip the fan on. You can even control multiple devices at once. Just one of the additional ways you can control these smart switches.

Mobile App Control

A built-in wi-fi chip connects directly to your home internet and is available on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere you want it. Easy to setup, easy to use, and easy on you. Now you can't really do that with a traditional switch.

Voice Control

Thanks to Alexa and Google Home, our Smart switches can even understand voice commands. Just say "Alexa, switch off the fan". "Alexa, turn on the TV" or just say "Alexa, Goodnight" to turn it all off.

Safety & More

Just the toughened glass panels make these smart switches shockproof, splash-proof, and safer than traditional switches. Now add protective electronic circuits and switches don't get safer than this.

Make your home a smart home now. Click here to talk to us or fill this out so we can help you on your smart home journey.


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