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About Us

Iotics: The Future of Smart Switches.

Our Mission

Iotics is on a mission to transform your home with user-friendly smart switches. We believe technology should simplify life, not complicate it. Our touch & voice-activated switches offer effortless control, while smart features like scheduling and dimming promote energy efficiency.  This innovative approach empowers you to create a personalized and comfortable smart home, enhancing your everyday living.

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Company Vision

iotics technology is a through and through Indian made, self funded startup (since 2017) in the IoT (Internet of Things) space. We are head quartered in the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are focused on developing a smart home solution in the form of smart wifi switches. Our switches, crafted by in-house experts, blend Indian engineering excellence with cutting-edge technology. Our products prioritise maximum convenience, offering simple control of home appliances.

4.8 out of 5
79 Customers rating
Kundath Sathish

Excellent product with good backup service. Quick response on switch easy to configure and schedule / program. Multipole program is available. Install and relax. 2 year warranty assures product  quality.

Our Smart Wifi Touch Switches

Core Values

iotics Smart WiFi Touch Switches, our commitment extends to prioritizing innovation, ensuring user-centric design, maintaining exceptional quality standards, promoting sustainability practices, upholding integrity in all endeavors, fostering collaboration among teams, and striving for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.

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Sleek, Modern, and seamlessly blends into any home decor.

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We offer seamless control for ultimate user convenience.

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Energy Saving

Our switches optimise energy consumption for sustainable living

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Effortless control, lighting, appliances for enhanced automation.

Capacitive Touch

Technology & Innovation

  • Our retrofittable design makes existing lights smart in minutes. Simple installation ensures accessibility for everyone.

  • Capacitive touch allows intuitive control from the switch. A tap illuminates your space.

  • Control lights from anywhere with the Iotics app. Manage, create scenes, schedule routines.

  • Integrate Iotics with voice assistants for hands-free control. Speak commands and lights obey.

  • Familiar remote control included. Seamlessly manage Iotics without phone or voice assistant.

Get in touch with our touch switch team

We would love to hear from you. Call, WhatsApp or fill the enquiry form with any question regarding our smart switch, home automation solution product.

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