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About Us

iotics Technology Private Limited is an IoT (Internet of Things) company based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are focused on developing smart wifi touch switches. Our switches are indigenously designed & created by in-house engineers and technicians using state-of-the-art cloud technology and high grade electronics.


We realise that a producer-client relationship is of utmost importance and, to this end, we focus not only on quality and technical expertise, but also on timeliness and cost. The primary objective of our switches is to provide maximum convenience to the end user allowing them with a simple and comfortable method to control the essentials - such as doorbells, lights, fans, AC, geysers and other domestic electrical appliances.


Our switches are retrofittable and installation of these switches is extremely simple, taking just a few minutes to fix. The switches look aesthetically pleasing and use capacitive touch technology that allows users to operate them with just a light touch. The unique tempered glass panel for these switches is not only neat and elegant, but is twice as strong as normal glass and designed to be scratch proof, heat resistant, damp proof and easy to clean. 


The switches can also be controlled using a traditional remote control, from upto a range of upto 22 feet. These switches do not need a separate hub but can connect directly with the existing wifi router. Once connected to the wireless network, the switches can be operated via a mobile app (iOS & Android). Our switches are also compatible with voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Google Home.  


The combination of technologies used, provide users with advanced features such as scheduling & OTA. Schedules allow users to turn on/off devices at predetermined timings, and OTA (Over the air) allows devices to receive latest updates on an ongoing basis, thus making devices smarter. Smart home groups and routines in voice control devices allows users to control a group of devices based on a single voice command. This is an exceptionally useful feature especially when turning on or off a number of devices at once. 


Our switches have been two years in the making and we are pleased with the results and so are our customers who have installed the devices. We have had some excellent feedback and interest from potential investors, local distributors as well as distributors aboard. We are striving to increase our product range and to cover as many variations of domestic requirements as possible. 


Our products are available in black, white, blue & grey.

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