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Protecting Your Investment: Learn About the Iotics Technologies Warranty

Warranty Information

Warranty Policy

All our products come with 2 years purchase warranty:

By purchasing any Iotics product, you agree to the following warranty terms:

  • Our warranty covers repair or replacement of manufacturing defects during the warranty period. Charges may apply for services post-warranty or unrelated issues.

  • Installation by our personnel incurs additional charges. Warranty begins from purchase date or 6 months from manufacturing.

  • Minor imperfections not affecting functionality are excluded. We do not provide satisfaction guarantees or implied warranties.

  • Service is available during operation hours, either on-site or at our center. Proof of purchase is required for warranty coverage.

  • Defect Reporting:
    Report within seven (7) days of purchase. Claims must be processed through authorized channels.

  • Suspension of Warranty:
    Warranty is suspended if payment defaults occur. Repair/replacement is at our discretion.

  • Complaint Reporting:
    Report through proper channels only.

  • Service Charges:
    May apply for services outside warranty. We reserve the right to decline obsolete or unserviceable products.

  • Product Collection:
    Collect within three (3) months from notification. Uncollected items may be disposed of, with storage costs billed.

  • Timeliness of Service:
    Delays may occur; we'll inform you if service exceeds 5 working days.

  • Repair and Replacement:
    Defective parts/products may be repaired, replaced, or exchanged with new or refurbished equivalents.

  • Accessibility for Service:
    Ensure product accessibility; inaccessible items are not covered.


Limitations of coverage

This warranty does not cover:

  • Damage, fault, or failure due to alterations or repairs made by unauthorized parties, or use of non-manufacturer supplies and accessories.

  • Issues beyond our control including operator negligence, improper installation, spillage, abnormal voltage, environmental factors, mishandling, misuse, tampering, vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and more.

  • Damage resulting from software, electrical issues, adjustments, structural problems, transportation, storage, or reconfiguration.

  • Non-failure problems, reception issues, adjustments, demonstrations, routine maintenance, and servicing not requiring parts replacement.

  • Products with removed or illegible serial numbers, parallel imports, purchases from unauthorized sources, second-hand, refurbished, or display sets.

  • Cosmetic defects, reduced functionality, and limitations for second-hand or refurbished products.

  • Utilization inconsistent with product design, normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage, non-functional parts, and consumable items.

  • Consequential losses or damages, delays in service, loss of use during servicing, and data loss.

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