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Join our family and become part of smart home & home automation revolution.

Are you passionate about providing innovative solutions to customers to make a real difference? Then, we want to partner with you...

  • Consumers want to control their devices using mobile phones or voice or remote.

  • Buying individual lights & fans to make them smarter is cost prohibitive.

  • The most cost efficient & effective path to a smart home is by the way of reliable, smart switches.

  • Iotics technology has spent years perfecting the aesthetics, the user experience and technology that powers our smart wifi touch switches.

  • We are offering you a chance to grab your slice of the Smart Home Market. Fill in the form to contact us.

join with us for smart home revolution
Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Join the smart home revolution with us, fill the form and we will get back to you

India Home Automation Market Fact
How much of it will you capture?

Partner with us to grab your slice of the Smart Home Market

Make a smart choice, partner with iotics

Indian Made

The end to end technology that powers our switches are created by our in house engineers in India.


The most cost effective smart home solution provider in the market without any compromise in quality, technology or service.


Ongoing development will make devices smarter years after purchase. With over the air updates our switches will grow smarter every year.


We are committed to providing reliability. For our customers, suppliers, partners & employees.

Design & User Experience

Not only the most good looking & elegant switches but also the best in terms of user experience design.


Partnering with us will open the door to all our future innovations. We are a group of innovators who are striving to make smarter products everyday.

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