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Home Automation with Voice Control Systems

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Voice control is becoming widespread with all kinds of devices from fridges to cars, being built with voice recognition. They allow you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks from finding the weather to opening your front door.

Using voice recognition to control physical devices is the faster alternative for when you have your hands full or are walking into a dark room. It’s especially beneficial for the elderly and differently abled.

When it comes to home automation, your smart devices can either recognise your voice directly with a built-in microphone, or you can control them through integration with one of the voice control platforms. The most popular platforms are Amazon, Google & Apple. Of these, Google seems to have the most amount of penetration in terms of devices with voice control built in. Alexa is also quite a popular platform with its range of voice control systems. Apple's Siri is available on all Apple Devices.

Google Home

The Google Home platform is an excellent home automation platform which is supported on a wide variety of devices in addition to the millions of Android devices. Some of these devices are..

The reliability, speed and functionality of the smart home platform is fantastic. This is by far our favourite platform. The quality of devices that have Google voice control built in are great with excellent speech recognition. Google smart home platform also provides routines which allow users to not only control one device, but multiple devices with one command.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is a great platform that is supported by a wide variety of voice recognition systems as well as being available on any phone as an app. This platform has a tonne of native functionality and also integrates with several third party devices and applications as “skills”. Alexa also has routine functionality that allows you to control a number of devices with one command.

Apple HomeKit & Siri

All the devices that work with Apple HomeKit can be controlled using Siri voice control assistant. This is available as built-in functionality on Apple Homepod, Apple Homehub and all Apple phones, laptops, ipad and desktops. There aren’t as many devices that work with HomeKit as there are that work with Google or Alexa. However, for all Apple users, HomeKit and Siri are a great way of controlling their smart home.

Our recommendation will be Google Home followed by Amazon Alexa voice recognition devices for the simple reason that these platforms have the largest choice of integrations and devices that work with them.


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