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Getting started with home automation

Home automation...

Sounds expensive? Wondering if this would mean automating your entire home?

Does it sound like you need to think of every single requirement right now, buy all items from a single vendor and set all of it up in one go?

Well... No. Let us explain why and bust some common myths around this fast-emerging trend.

Smart home with iotics smart switch

Different companies specialise in different solutions and it’s quite possible for one vendor to focus on creating the best smart item in a specific domain. With over 100 different innovative home automation solutions out there, choosing from multiple options of smart fridges, vacuum cleaners, smart curtains and smart switches may seem confusing and overwhelming at first. You may even wonder if you must possess the technical expertise to work these items. But relax.. it really isn’t as complicated as many imagine it to be.

Have a smartphone, wi-fi connection and a technician for a one-time installation? Great, you’re well on your way then!

Having abundant solutions doesn't necessarily mean you also need 100 different apps to control each of them. Simply choose the best solution for each requirement and then go about controlling all of your smart items directly from your smartphone via Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa platforms.

We recommend you begin your smart home journey one smart bulb at a time or one smart switch at a time. Start with where you spend the most amount of time in your home or which solution will give you the extra comfort or provide your family with an extra safety feature.

Follow this route, one step at a time and we assure you, your smart home journey will be an exciting one. This space is only just getting started with futuristic companies like iotics creating exciting solutions which we are sure you will love!

Want to know more? Contact us.

We are excited to be part of your smart home journey!


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