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2024 Trend Alert: India's Era of Smart Living!

Empower your home with Iotics Smart Switches and IFTTT Automation

Wishing you a fantastic New Year! Get set for a year filled with smart homes

that weave together technology and comfort, redefining the way we live.

2024 marks the rise of smart homes in India, and our Indian brands are leading the charge! They're all about safety and understanding the electrical setup in Indian households.

Enter iotics...

An Indian brand hailing from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Our smart switches are making homes cooler and life simpler since 2017. What’s more, they’re easy for your local electrician to install, just like regular switches.

No specific training required, no extra wiring! And yes, we ship nationwide!

Our pride lies in ensuring outstanding customer experience! Check out this fantastic testimonial from one of our valued clients in Mumbai.

"The products are amazing and I personally feel that iotics is the best brand in this segment with sleek designs and easy installations. Their customer service is quite good and also shoutout to their Mumbai rep Aniket who helped me throughout the process with respect to understanding it's features and installation." Arnav Chheda

Kudos to Aniket for making the iotics experience exceptional!

Our awesome sales partner in the bustling Mumbai region, has been nothing short of exceptional in ensuring our customers receive assistance at every stage. From zipping around for site visits to flawlessly managing installations and promptly answering queries, Aniket has proven his efficiency and dependability time and time again!

image of our sales partner

Aniket, Mumbai

Don't miss checking out his Instagram page here: Livesmartlyhomeautomation

At iotics, we're all about staying ahead of the curve. Our switches aren't just trendy - they're reliable, safe, and a breeze to incorporate into your new home!


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