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Installation Instructions - Compatible Console Boxes

Smart switches are usually fitted in a concealed metal box in the wall or in a plastic enclosure box that is on the surface of the wall. Our smart Wi-Fi switches are compatible with industry-standard console boxes. We outline here the different brands of console boxes (concealed and surface) our smart switches are compatible with.

Note: Please make sure your metal console boxes having adjustable hooks on it.

8 Module Variants

This houses our larger variants. 6 Lights & 2 Fans, 7 Lights & 1 Fan, 8 Lights and 3 Lights, 1 Fan & 1 Socket Module.

iotics 8 Module variants fit in both 6 module metal box (208mm x 78mm)(8"x3") and 8 module metal box (233mm x 78mm)(9"x3").

8 Module Concealed Metal Box

8 Module Plastic Surface Box

4 Module Variants

This houses our variants 3 Lights & 1 Fan and 4 Lights Variant.

4 Module Concealed Metal Box

4 Module Plastic Surface Box

2 Module Variants

This houses our variants Bell, 1 High Load and 2 Lights Variant.

2 Module Concealed Metal Box

2 Module Plastic Surface Box

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