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Installation Instructions - Compatible Console Boxes

Switches are usually fitted in a concealed metal box in the wall or in a plastic enclosure box that is on the surface of the wall. Our smart wifi switches are compatible with industry standard console boxes. We outline here the different brands of console boxes (concealed and surface) our switches are compatible with.

Note: Please make sure your metal console boxes having adjustable hooks on it.

8 Module Variants

This houses our larger variants. 6 Lights & 2 Fans, 7 Lights & 1 Fan, 8 Lights and 3 Lights, 1 Fan & 1 Socket Module.

iotics 8 Module variants fit in both 6 module metal box (208mm x 78mm)(8"x3") and 8 module metal box (233mm x 78mm)(9"x3").

8 Module Concealed Metal Box

8 Module Plastic Surface Box

4 Module Variants

This houses our variants 3 Lights & 1 Fan and 4 Lights Variant.

4 Module Concealed Metal Box

4 Module Plastic Surface Box

2 Module Variants

This houses our variants Bell, 1 High Load and 2 Lights Variant.

2 Module Concealed Metal Box

2 Module Plastic Surface Box

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