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Year in Review 2021

After a brief respite from Covid at the beginning of the year, the second wave hit everyone hard, both personally and professionally. However, the superstars at iotics managed to fight their way through to make 2021 a fantastic year! We have seen great interest in our products and we couldn't be more thankful to our customers for trying our product and giving us their feedback, all of which has been exceptionally positive. As a company trying to create a new product from scratch, we consider what our customers think to be the one and only real scorecard. At iotics, we have seen more and more customers every month, choosing our products to the point where we are now having to ramp up production to keep pace with the increasing demand. We are also acutely aware that our customers are investing their hard-earned money in our products with the expectation that it will make their lives a lot easier. Heading towards the end of the year, our challenges remain in the field of sourcing, production and keeping the growth going. In summary, we couldn't have asked for a better 2021. This was made possible with the support of all our staff, their families, our customers, and our suppliers. So we end the year with a grateful heart and positive anticipation for an even better 2022! We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys any downtime they get in this season.

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