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Home automation without complication. Here's How Our Touch Switches Can Simplify Home Automation.

When you think of home automation, you probably imagine a fully connected house that can do everything for you. But this isn't necessarily true. There are many different levels of home automation that you can choose from, and they don't all need to be complicated.

Touch switches are the easiest way to get started with home automation. The installation process is easy and quick, and the setup can be done in a matter of minutes. They're perfect for automating the day-to-day applications in your home such as Lighting, Fan, Power Outlets, ACs, Geysers, etc.

By just replacing traditional switches with Smart Touch Switches, the majority of the home automation requirements are solved without the hassle of buying, installing, and configuring individual smart devices such as lights, fans, etc. Smart touch switches are easy to install and configure. You can simply replace your existing switch with a smart one and connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the iotics app. There are no additional hubs or controllers required for this type of automation.

They also look beautiful, sleek, and modern making them a perfect addition to your home.

Call us or Whatsapp us your electrical floorplans at +91 94870 44355 so we can help you with your home automation journey.

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