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Year in Review 2020

year in review 2020

2020 has been a year to remember… or forget. Either way, what it has put us through is something we will carry with us for a long time. The lessons it taught us have been invaluable. That the most basic of things matter more than we could ever imagine... starting with just our ability to breathe freely.

Like for others across the globe, it has also been a roller coaster year for our team. Starting with challenges that came with a work-from-home environment, to not being able to predict what will happen next, we did whatever it took to make the best of the situation and continue determined on our path of innovation. It’s been tough, yet extremely rewarding. We are so very proud of the level of dedication each of our team has shown while working remotely and getting quality work done despite all odds.

We are excited about 2021! About the work we do, the work in progress and the unique ways in which our innovations will help so many adapt to this new way of living. We believe it is going to be a fantastic year for everyone. We are extremely excited about bringing many variants of our switches and serving many many more customers.

We wish everyone a healthy, happy & prosperous new year!


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