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What does Google Home mean to smart devices?

Quite a lot, is the short answer.

Google home platform is the central control unit for Android TV, Chromecast, Nest Audio, Nest Hub, Google Wifi Router and it will be the control unit for all upcoming google smart home products.

Voice control in smart home automation

It is an extremely powerful platform engineered to not just work for Google devices but also as a common platform for other smart home devices. With one app to rule them all, users don’t have to open different apps to control all their different smart devices. Google home allows users to control those devices from within the Google Home app or use Voice Control through Google Assistant or other hardware such as Google Nest Routers, Nest Hub or Google Speakers.

The reliability of the Google infrastructure makes controlling internet devices a pleasant, reliable & fast experience. The common user interface provides a seamless experience for controlling different devices from different vendors. The powerful routine feature offers another huge advantage allowing a single command to perform multiple actions on different devices (from different vendors). We at iotics are massive fans of the Google home platform, its functionality, reliability and flexibility.

This platform makes homes smarter and is here to stay and we are really excited about the transformation and convenience it is going to bring to homes worldwide. Our sincere advice to anyone looking to buy smart home devices will be to buy a product that integrates with Google Home.


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