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Stunning Switches for Every Interior Theme

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Enter into the world of smart switches, where seamless design meets stunning aesthetics to transform your living spaces like never before!

Whether you're home boasts a contemporary or traditional theme, iotics Smart Switches have been thoughtfully crafted with sleek designs, ensuring they blend into any interior style.

Classy Glass Finish:

The iotics Smart Switch is crafted with a toughened glass finish that exudes class while ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Versatile Colour Options:

We offer four stunning colours : Black, Blue, White, and Grey, giving you the freedom to mix and match colours that align with your unique style and home decor.

Elegant Icon Detailing:

The LED indicator icons on our devices have simple, elegant detailing, enhancing user experience with a modern and minimalist touch

Metal Rims for Style:

For a more sophisticated and luxurious look, we offer custom rims available in gold, rose-gold, or silver.


Our switches go beyond aesthetics; they also offer practical benefits that enhance your daily living. From controlling lights with a simple voice command to managing your home's lighting through a mobile app from anywhere, the convenience they bring is unmatched.

Upgrade your home today and experience the harmonious blend of modernity and elegance with iotics!


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