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Discover the Perfect WiFi Switch with iotics!

List of Topics:

Researching the right type of switches

Choosing the ideal WiFi switch for your home or office isn't just about turning lights on and off; it's about convenience, safety, aesthetics, and smart living. Here are some vital factors to bear in mind as you make your choice.

Key Considerations:

Seamless Setup & Installation:

Our switches easily fit into standard conceal boxes using regular wiring, eliminating the need for special rewiring.

Aesthetics to Admire:

With a variety of colours, designs, and finishes, find the one that truly complements your interior.

Diverse Control Options:

Whether you fancy Touch, Remote, or App controls, we've got you covered.

Must-have Basics:

Reliability & Safety:

Prioritise switches that are made in India, as they are optimised for local voltage fluctuations and power surges. Plus, they're compatible with both UPS and EB systems.

Effortless Maintenance:

No more intricate cleaning; a simple wipe keeps our glass switches shining.

Advanced Features:

Remote Access:

Control your appliances and lights from any corner of the room or the globe with our IR Remote & Mobile App.

Voice Command:

Sync your switch with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

Schedule & Timers:

Set your devices to operate at specific times, ensuring you never get back to a dark home.

Explore these features and more with iotics - leading the way in smart touch technology in India.


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