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All I want for Christmas is .... a smart switch

Agreed we've all had one hell of a crazy year and with Christmas coming, we think it's time you got a break and treated yourself to something real special...

iotics switch near christmas tree

We began our amazing journey by automating traditional switches with modules that live inside the switch panels. We created something smart, easy to understand, and that everyone in a household can enjoy. But we didn't stop there... We insist a smart home must also look the part! As great as plastic switches are, our carefully crafted, classy glass panels add a whole other dimension to the look and feel.

Not to ride along the antiviral wave, but these moisture-proof switches are non-fussy too! Virus or no virus, go ahead and freely use those damp antibacterial wipes. Keep your switches looking sharp with one 'clean' swipe!

Our team at iotics, have lived with the luxury of smart switches for close to 2 years now and we just cannot imagine an office without them! Simplifying living hasn't been easier and we'd love for you to experience this comfort!

This Christmas, stay Safe, stay Comfy, stay Smart!


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